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Nifty Money. . .

Nifty Money, owned by Webburner India, is a leading consumer investment banking firm specializing in the Indian Stock Market, Shares, Bonds, ETFs, Crypto, and forex trading. With a focus on delivering great returns on investments, Nifty Money prides itself on minimizing risks and maximizing profits for its investors. Founded in January 2024, Nifty Money has quickly garnered a strong following, boasting a portfolio worth over £30,000 within just three months of launch. Early stage investors have enjoyed a promising 5-6% monthly return on their investments, establishing Nifty Money as a trusted choice for financial and investment advice.

Investments made for people just like you.

Investment venture pro for the India and abroad markets by Webburner. We are one of the driving consultancies for perseveringly investigated organized ventures, advertising clients around the globe a chance to construct, amplify, or broaden their speculation portfolios. 

A More astute Future...
Whether you are a modern or experienced financial specialist, Webburner Investment provides the assets for a well-rounded stock investment encounter. 

  • Webburner Speculation offers a assortment of elective ventures which have been attempted, tried, and granted.

  • Gladly associated and collaborated with Webburner InfoTech industry-leading site designers.

  • Off-market rates, tall returns, and committed specialists - we have you secured. 

"We are committed to conveying the extreme speculation bundle to any level speculator, while building shared believe and straightforwardness to assist clients accomplish their long-term investment objectives and raise their venture portfolios to modern statures."

Your Investment

With around the world reach, as well as neighborhood capacity , Webburner offers clients a exceedingly customized and goal orientated private keeping cash experience one laid out to help them explore all the conceivable results their wealth makes.

Accomplice you'll believe...

  • Access

  • Customization

  • Innovations


With handfuls of around the world hypothesis specialists , our unparalleled get to procedures , organizations and the mental capital of our experienced specialists can help you meet your destinations .


We tailor our portfolios to suit your specific destinations , though making a contrast you investigate the influence of unsteady markets to guarantee and create your assets inside the foremost taken a toll successful way.


Where we see a development opportunity or neglected require within the showcase , we construct unused items and procedures to deliver you elite get to .

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Currently, we project to deliver you of 5% per month R.O.I (Return on Investment) your Investments. 

YES you read it correct! 

~ 5% ROI per month*

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